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About us

Hello Wolves!
        We are so pleased that you have found us here at Awarewolf! Our company was founded by Landon Reed who in 2015 needed a boost in finances to accomplish his goal of obtaining top surgery. Landon had a vision of an LGBTQIA+ owned and operated clothing company. Clothing that is made by our community and for our community! Since then, Landon's vision has transformed our small company into a unique, one-of-a-kind brand that our customers have been flocking to since its inception in 2015. Awarewolf prides itself on our ability to give our customers a wide array of styles. Some of which are geared specifically toward aspects, subjects, or subgroups of our vast community. Our brand also offers the comfortability of discretion for those who aren't fortunate enough or ready to be "Loud & Proud". We are happy that we can produce a "subtle" way of spreading awareness throughout the community. Whether that be through the designs themselves or models that we may use to advertise and market our unique brand. Our company is constantly shifting and looking for new and innovative ways to meet the desires and demands of our expansive clientele, boasting a myriad of choices in color, size, and style, some of which are so exclusive you will only see them once. Regardless of your taste, everyone is bound to find something they love! We here at Awarewolf are extremely community driven and strive to make our designs unique and different than any other queer clothing company. Keep checking out the site for new merchandise, exclusive designs and special offers and as always, Stay Aware Wolves!
 Owner & Creator Landon Reed
Photo taken by @caitlinseneephoto