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Transgender Gift Guide

Posted by Landon Reed on

Awarewolf is a Trans/Queer owned and operated business. Experience our incredible products, made for the LGBTQIA+ community. Unlock this powerful transgender gift guide, and find the ultimate gift for your beloved Trans individuals!


Trans Joy Pin - Express your Trans Joy through this adorable candy parody pin!

Beyond My Body - This tiedye shirt is ideal for your trans friend who embodies a zen-like state.


Right Body Wrong World - This merman shirt is an ideal reminder that it's not your body, but rather the world we inhabit that is flawed.


Honk if you love Trans people - BEEP BEEP! This vinyl bumper sticker is just what your car needs to feel the love during rush hour.


Don't mess with something that ain't bothering you - Leave Trans and Queer people ALONE. 


Protect Trans Kids - Defend trans youth, combat transphobia. This shirt is ideal for those who support trans kids and couldn't care less about others' opinions!


Stay True -  This bearded lady shirt is a powerful reminder to always remain true to yourself. Gift it to a friend who knows how to keep it real.


Transphobia is Cringy - Spread awareness against transphobia! Show your disapproval with this incredible shirt.


Dying to come out - wether you wanna come out the closet or your skin, this shirt is perfect to drop subtle hints!


Ain't Dead Yet - We've taken a beating. We've got cuts and scars that will never heal. A walking tapestry of the battles we have fought in our time on this earth. But the battle is far from over. Never stop fighting for who you are. Step in the ring and put em up!





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